Load Development Targets

Price: $8.50-$13.50 plus shipping

Heavy center lines are ½ MOA in diameter at 100yd and at 200yd. The targets come 25 to a pad and printed on heavy # 110Lb cover stock. The 100yd targets measure 8-1/2” X 11” and the 200yd targets is 11” X 17”

100yd - $8.50 (plus shipping)

200yd - $13.50 (plus shipping)

Like most fellow competitors, I spend a lot of time at the range developing loads or finding the tuning windows for various calibers. Over the years I have used all types of targets in load development but never found any that were laid out the way I wanted so I developed my own. I normally shoot 5 groups, round robin style with .3 grain variance in charge weight looking for the node with best accuracy and SDs. I might also try more than one powder. Once the powder type and charge weights are established, I switch to seating depth testing and sometimes primer testing. The last thing I do is adjust the tuner, if I am running one. There are a lot of ways to tune a rifle and I don’t consider myself an expert but by changing only one thing at a time and keeping good records, I can reliably get just about any barrel shooting to its full potential. I keep all my loading notes stapled to the targets after shooting and by going back through the groups I can easily see trends.
Keeping good records is essential and with the Rodzilla Shooting Products OCW load development targets it just became a bit easier.