From The Founder

In 2004, I started Wheeldock LLC, a manufacturing company that builds two motorcycle-related products that I patented. My company manufactures and markets the Wheeldock motorcycle wheel chock and the EZ-Up center stand for Harley Davidson touring motorcycles.

Wheeldock soon expanded, and we began manufacturing parts for another Oklahoma company, Ditch Witch. (The Oklahoma-based Ditch Witch Company was sold to the Toro Company in 2019.) We have been welding parts for Ditch Witch for over 10 years.

We currently own a 28,000-square-foot facility in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Wheeldock LLC employs 15 full-time employees. We take pride in everything that we do. In fact, every Wheeldock product carries a lifetime warranty.

As an avid F-Class competitor, I have identified several ways to improve my scores or make shooting more enjoyable over the years. By applying what I have learned as an inventor and tool and die maker, I have started the Rodzilla line of shooting products for my fellow competitors. I personally own a 400-yard gun range that is 10 minutes from my manufacturing facility where I test everything that I offer. I also use every item that I manufacture.

My first passion has always been shooting. I invented the first hydraulic recoil reducer back in the early 80s, known as the Counter-Coil, which is still being manufactured today. (It is very similar to the RAD system.) I have shot competitive Trap, black powder competitions where I won two national Pistol championships with pistols I designed and built. Now I shoot exclusively F-Class.

The various features of the Rodzilla 5-Axis top conversion have been in the testing phase for several years. As a manufacturer, I place a high value on customer support and that is reflected in my simple lifetime warranty. If for any reason my products fail, regardless of whether you purchased directly from me or secondhand, they are covered against defects.

My job for over 25 years was designing and building research hardware for the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) at Oklahoma State University, so R&D is what I love and understand.


Rod Brakhage