IBS Sand Bag Top

The IBS top uses the late model Farley sand bags to make the Rodzilla 5-Axis top legal for benchrest competition. Remove either end by pushing out a dowel pin and slide your sandbag in and replace the adjustable end.  We maintain a snug fit with the sides of the bag by providing a slot for the slightly wider base of the bag to slide into instead of pushing down from the top.

Edgewood and ProtecTormodel makes a one-piece bag in 3” and 4” widths.  Edqewood also offers a two-piece bag as well.  There is a bit more than ½” clearance between the forearm and the sand bag for compliance with the IBS rules. This IBS top assembly replaces the roller blocks of the original 5-Axis top by simply removing the blocks and the studs. The unit attaches with two supplied flat head screws that use the original stud threads. Rotation of the top plate and forearm stops is unaffected by this unit.

This unit does not come with a sand bag or front forearm stop. Our top is designed to re-use the original SEB front forearm assembly and level.

The pictures show our front forearm post and dual pivoting forearm stop. These are accessory items used on our T-Rex front rest and are not included.