5-Axis Top Assemblies

All our 5-Axis tops have mounting holes for the various SEB rests, and the Farleys. Our base plate can also be mounted to the center post on the Sinclair rests as well as most other post type rests.

You will only need to choose, from the drop-down menu, which type of top blocks you need. There are three choices.

Our T3 Felt lined blocks are standard and feature our new patent pending technology. This torque taming technology works to greatly reduce counter clockwise rotation under recoil with low drag. Another benefit of Felt is its ability to dampen harmonics of the stock. This is especially effective for rim fire rifles to control vertical.

The NRA High Power F-Class rules were changed for the 2024 season and now require sand bags for the sides of the forearm. Our new T3 Sand Bag Blocks comply with this new rule. These vertically adjustable Sand bags are arranged so contact high on the left side and low on the right side of your stock keeps the forearm from counter rotating under recoil. This also allows for very low drag for great tracking and improves vertical shot dispersion.

For short range IBS Bensch Rest, choose the IBS legal top block. This top block takes the new style Farley sand bag. Use yours if you have one or we supply them in 3” standard, 3” reinforced and 4” versions. Select your preference form the drop down box.

Rodzilla 5-Axis on Farley Rest
Rodzilla 5-Axis on SEB-MAX
Rodzilla 5-Axis for SEB-Mini
Rodzilla 5-AXIS on SEB-NEO

New for 2024 the micro-adjustment blocks are included!


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