Micro-Adjusting Block

Precisely setting the gap between the top blocks is much easier using the micro adjusting block. This add-on block is even more helpful if you shoot several different rifles as all forearms are a bit different in width. Our block is designed to work with 3” wide forearms only and will accommodate a variance of ¼” +or-.

We recommend adjusting the T3 top blocks (either the felt or Sand versions) with just enough gap between them to lower the stock down easily but still have just a small amount of radial movement of the top plate.

Properly set, this allows for very free tracking and controls counter-clockwise torque under recoil.  With the blocks set too tight your rifle will not counter rotate under recoil but will have excessive drag. This situation can move your rest under recoil and cause your rifle to shoot more vertical. Setting proper gap between the top blocks by hand is easy but takes a bit of trial and error.

Our micro-adjusting block can be added to your order for all new 5-Axis tops, available as a drop-down item, or for our Raptor/T-Rex front rests again as an accessory in the drop-down columns.

Starting with our 2024 models our top plates are all drilled and tapped to accept this item so you can always add the block later.

To make an adjustment you only need to loosen the left top block mounting bolt, turn the fine-pitch thumb screw in or out and retighten the mounting bolt.