T3 Felt Lined Top blocks

These new T3 (torque taming technology) felt lined aluminum top blocks have parallel faces but are canted to the right, or clockwise while viewed from the shooters side.

This arrangement provides contact at the top side of your forearm on the left side and the bottom edge on the right side of your forearm.

This 11:00 and 5:00 points of contact, greatly reduces the counter- clockwise rotation, or torque under recoil. Newtons 3rd law of motion establishes that the right-hand spin of the bullet will always generates an equal but opposite (counter clockwise or left hand) rotation of the rifle. We refer to this as simply, torque.

Less sliding friction is one of the added benefits of having just two small contact patches which improves tracking and therefore less vertical shot dispersion. One other advantage of felt is its ability to dampen harmonic vibration in the rifle stock.

We now offer the new T3 felt as our standard for all new 5-Axis tops as well as our Raptor and T-Rex front rests.

If, in the future you find you need the NRA Legal sand bags you only need to peel off the felt and install a set of our F-Class legal sand bags sold as an accessory item.

A word about proper adjustment:

Achieving the correct gap between the blocks is very important. Make all adjustments with the rifle setting between the blocks. Too much grip on the forearm causes heavy drag and vertical shot dispersion. Too little grip allows excessive movement and counter rotation of the stock under recoil.

Start by centering the blocks on the top plate with the rifle setting on the lower bags in a level condition. You can use the dual forearm stops to reference this center position. Now leave the right block locked down with the mounting bolt and only adjust the left block. You want the top plate (this is the plate which the top blocks mount to) to just have a small amount of left-right rotation. The rifle should slide back and forth very freely. Also, when you twist the forearm counter clockwise there should be very little rotational movement.

All Rodzilla products are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty.