Raptor 2-Piece Joystick

Another Rodzilla innovation

Introducing the new Modular joystick that allows for quickly changing from a long reach version to a shorter version by merely loosening a thumb nut and changing out the lightweight extensions.

The 2-piece unit is comprised of the joy stick adapter which has a bend and mounts to the joy stick stub shaft on the Raptor or the T-Rex. The adapter is reversible and will place the thumb screws on the right side for right-handed shooters or flipped over which places the thumb screws on the left side. Now just slip in whichever length extension works for your gun and tighten the thumb screw. The Raptor is supplied with one extension of choice. A longer extension can easily be trimmed to length as needed. Just pull off the black plastic button, trim with a hack saw and replace the button. Alternatively, you may choose to just purchase a 10" or 8" extension and change out as needed. The extensions are ultra-light and will not affect the counterbalance of the rest.

Also, the adapter has 1" of adjustment and the removable extension has another inch of adjustment so you can get exactly the length you want for any rifle length.