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" The T-Rex adds point to my score "

Bill Kolodzie

“ I chose the Raptor for competition because of its solid base, smooth operation, and remarkably small size when folded for transportation. While there are many other great things I could mention about the Raptor, the bottom line is that it provides you with the stability and control required to win competitions. Additionally, Rod stands behind his product. ”

Geoff Bushelle

2022 and 2023 F Class Illinois State Champion


" The Fit and Finish are extraordinary.  Very clean and precise.  The movement is precise and specific.  It is so much quicker than my old two knob system in responding to squirrelly wind conditions.  The system can be balanced for any weight rifle.  There is no wiggle.  Move the joystick to the aim point and no drift or movement.  I do keep my hand on the joystick as Rod recommends, but it is not necessary.  I have shot my best scores on this rest... My recommendation is to get behind one of these rests somewhere and see what you are missing.  You will not regret the effort.  Yes, and double yes, I would purchase again."

Drew Certain

" I purchased a rest approximately 3 weeks ago and couldn't be happier. I shoot 1000 yards at gun club in Lodi, WI and let couple people try it according to them they were both ordering one both Wisconsin residents. "

David Lyons

"I used it during testing on Saturday. What a time saver getting the front test set. Definitely less upset in the front bag from torque as evident in the rifle maintaining perfect level over 59 shots. I likey!!! "

Robin Ardoin

“The Rodzilla top for my Seb rests has made shooting easier and more consistent than ever turning a great rest into an amazing one. It has helped make my set up easier, allowed for quick and easy target acquisition and ultimately a repeatable and nearly friction free recoil management experience”

F Class John

" I wanted to thank you again for getting this out to me so quickly.  I used it in my first match, a 3x800, over the weekend.  I took second in my club championship with a 599, 32X.  First overall was another guy who just bought a raptor from you recently too.  He shot a 600, 40X.  Of the top four finishers, three were using your rest.  Just thought you might like to know. "

Jeff Shope

" I thought that it was appropriate to send you a thank you for making a product that all Americans can be proud of.  I retired from Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Products (skunk Works) engineering and also as a Vietnam to Desert Storm era Special Forces (Green Beret) soldier (active duty and reserve) .  I've seen a lot of amazing workmanship in USA made products and unfortunately even more products that I am embarrassed to say were made in the USA.  Your attention to detail, form, fit, and function are what I wish all American companies would/should produce.  President Trump had a saying that resonated with his base " Make America Great Again (MAGA) ".  WE can't get there if we continue to produce products that are frankly JUNK !!!  Thankfully you are not contributing to the mass of American made products that even the Chinese wouldn't sell in a Dollar General Store.  

Again,  Thank you for making a great product "

Scott Morgan

Red Wing, MN

" I purchased a T Rex and a 5 axis top for "another rest". The amount of travel on the T Rex is amazing, and the ability to adjust your elevation is a game changer. The additional 5 axis top changed my "other rest" into a different animal. It went from a run of the mill rest to an X tracking machine. Recently I bought the new T3 blocks and bags and installed them on both rests. To say that the T3 eliminated the rifle torque would be an understatement. The T3 blocks take tracking and torque handling to a whole new level. 10 out of 10, not to mention Rod is the fastest shipping in the business, and one heck of a nice guy! "

Nathan Howell

2023 Sierra Cup Open Champion

Just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to speak to me concerning the T3 Sandbag tops . I did get mine mounted and it has done great! I just started shooting F-Open last year and the RAPTOR rest has greatly helped in getting great scores!! I have been extremely impressed and pleased with the purchase of the Raptor and the support that has come with it.
I met a shooter at the last match at Camp Butner, NC and he was very impressed with the rest. I promised to let him try it at the next match we attend together. Hopefully, he'll get one too!
Thank you again!!