The New NRA High Power ruling on rollers

As many of you know, the rules governing F-Class equipment has changed. The use of rollers or wheels to guide the forearm
is now illegal by rule (9).

(9) F-Open Front Rest Bags-

The fore-end of the rifle must rest upon and/or be guided by the front bag (s) described elsewhere in this section. The rifle
may not be supported or guided during recoil by rollers, wheels, or any other mechanical device.

My current top blocks installed on the Raptor, and T-Rex front rests, are the new combination style which utilize both rollers
and felt sides. The new combo blocks give the user the ability to shoot rollers for non-F-Class sanctioned events, load
development sessions, prairie dog hunting etc. or flipping them around to use the felt sides for sanctioned F-Class matches
which meet the new rule regarding rollers. For NRA high power compliance you will need to punch out the dowel pins from
the bottom sides of the top blocks and remove the rollers.


For those customers who currently have the original roller only blocks:


Simply remove the rollers by punching out the dowel pins from the bottom side of the blocks, remove the rollers and add felt
to the vertical surface between the roller cutouts.

We also offer the IBS top block which uses the new style Farley one piece sand bags. This IBS setup meets all the regulations
for the different shooting disciplines and governing bodies.

So, there are several options available as well as my new FELT only replacement blocks currently being machined. These new
blocks will be available at a reduced pricing and listed on my home page as soon as available. You can also use your existing
sand bag assemblies on the new blocks which saves cost.

Below is an excerpt of the email I received from Aaron Farmer on Feb 27th regarding the roller blocks:


First thank you for sending this email and taking the time to contact me.  As I am sure you can tell I have had several conversations and inquiries regarding this matter.  I agree with your comments in regards to the bag still being required.  I have asked and I do not see where the felt would be an issue if the fix is done as you have stated.  The one individual that I had a
conversation with was only asking me if he could stick a pad over the rollers.  That would in fact not work.  If they take the
rollers away then I would be good with that modification. "

Aaron Farmer
Deputy Director, Competitive Shooting

The no roller solution: